Crescent Beach Wellness Spa

Paul Durand

Welcome! My name is Paul, I am currently a body worker and I’m currently attending Registered Massage Therapy school to become one of your local RMT’s. In the mean time I’ll be taking on a position as a body worker to help me further my skills and get you mobile again!

My journey began into my new career due to chronic back stiffness and muscle pain from my prior job, slopestyle biking & tons of working out. I truly don’t want anyone to live in pain or stiffness like I have and that’s why I’m in this field as a career. Living in pain can greatly affect your mood and choices you make day to day. I’ve made it my goal to try to help others with their daily pain they have to deal with but no one understands. I will be available weekends for the time being, but rest assured, I’ll do my very best to help you with whatever you’re experiencing. Book with me and I’ll make sure you feel better walking out the door!